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If Direct-to-Consumer were a Commodity…
May 30, 2014
Going back to the 2007 Census of Agriculture data, direct-to-consumer sales ranked 5th as an agricultural activity by number of farms. For 2012, it moved up, and now ranks as the 4th most popular agricultural activity by number of farms. Read More >


Homegrown By Heroes
May 20, 2014
Farm Credit and others are stepping up to promote the Homegrown By Heroes marketing initiative, which lets farmer veterans use the Homegrown By Heroes logo on their signage products. Read More >


Presenting Awards
May 19, 2014
Farm Credit supports MarketMaker’s work developing more distribution channels and marketplace opportunities for young, beginning, and small farmers. Read More >


Passing by a Country Church
May 14, 2014
When you are passing by an old country church take some time to reflect on all who have gone before you in your neighborhood and on your land. Read More >


The Art of Civics
May 13, 2014
A recent visit to the National Portrait Gallery of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC brought to mind the many ways we communicate important civic messages. Read More >


Benchmarking for the Common Good
May 6, 2014
Understanding how food hubs work is important not just to farmers and food hub operators, but also to lenders, investors, and even savvy grant makers. They all need to understand where the risks are for each business function in the value chain, and for the sector as a whole. Read More >


Searching for the Impact of Local Foods
April 23, 2014
When it comes to local foods, total sales is only one way to judge the sector’s significance. Census of Agriculture data from 2007 supports the idea that direct to consumer sales are important to the overall performance of participating farm businesses. Read More >


Guess How Big the Local Food Sector Is
April 22, 2014
By number of farms, direct to consumer sales represents the 5th most common form of agricultural activity nation-wide, or about 6% of all farms. Who would have guessed? Read More >


Recognizing Champions
April 17, 2014
If you have an idea of who should be acknowledged as a White House Champion of Change for the Future of American Agriculture, submit a nomination before noon on Friday, April 18. Read More >


The Sweet Smell of Spring
April 10, 2014
In the Spring, that unseen and under-appreciated world of soil reaches out to us via smell. Even an uncaring city dweller notices that there is "Spring in the air." Read More >


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About Gary Matteson
Gary Matteson has more than 30 years of experience in farming, small business, and agriculture-related organizations. He leads the Farm Credit program serving young, beginning and small farmers and ranchers at the Farm Credit Council, the System's national trade organization. Mr. Matteson coordinates efforts within Farm Credit's nationwide network and among many national agricultural organizations to ensure that beginning farmers have opportunities for success. The Farm Credit System provides beginning farmers loan assistance, mentoring and business planning support. Mr. Matteson also helps Farm Credit build diversity in farming by encouraging agricultural operations that bring a focus to locally grown foods in or near urban areas. He has researched, designed curricula, and taught financial and business planning skills for more than ten years to thousands of beginning farmers in conferences, seminars, webinars, and college classrooms. Mr. Matteson specializes in making basic business concepts approachable and relevant to beginning farmers.