Danny and Stephen Logan

Logan Farms
Gilliam, LA

Danny and Stephen Logan

Logan Farms

Gilliam, LA

Products Raised or Grown: Cotton, corn and soybeans

Size of Operation: 5,300 acres

Years in Business: 46 years farming, 24 years as Logan Farms

Farm Credit Partner: Southern AgCredit

Years Working with Farm Credit: 23

Farming today involves much more than planting seeds, helping them grow and harvesting them when they’re ready. While that certainly constitutes a significant amount of hard work, successful farmers today also need to make daily strategic decisions about everything from crop protection to operational investments to financial transactions.

Danny Logan, who farms 5,300 acres of cotton, corn and soybeans in northwest Louisiana, has been making these decisions for more than 46 years, ever since he took over the farming operation from his father, and has been teaching his son, Stephen, the ropes since they formed their partnership 24 years ago.

Protecting their crops from drought is a critical issue, and the Logans have been working for the past 40 years to install irrigation systems on their land and finding sources of water to supply them – everything from dammed bayous, to lakes and rivers, to putting in wells to access water underground. “If you don’t have water, it’s risky to plant a crop and you’re certainly not going to count on a good yield,” says Danny. The Logan’s land is now 65% - 70% irrigated, and they plan to increase this amount each year until they have 90% of their acreage irrigated. This investment is financed by Southern AgCredit, which also supports the Logan’s other financial needs.

Ironically, too much water can be as much a problem as too little, particularly during the 2-month hurricane season which corresponds to cotton harvest, the Logan’s largest crop. “Farming is risky,” Danny says. “We invest a lot in a crop during a season, and can have it wiped out in one storm.”

Partly for this reason, getting the most profit out of every crop is important, and to accomplish this the Logans are active in the commodity markets. “They actively hedge their crops and have done well using futures and options markets. In addition to annual crop loans, the Logan’s have a revolving line of credit with Southern AgCredit that is used solely for marketing purposes,” says Justin Morris, Southern AgCredit Vice President. As Danny says, “Once you raise it, you have to market it and the markets are volatile. You have to be a really good businessman to succeed at it.”

And while Danny would certainly be considered a good businessman, he also recognizes the ability in his son: he recently sold his farming operation to Stephen. “He worked with me in partnership for many years after college,” Danny says. “He was ready to take over and I was ready for him to take over.” According to Justin, “Stephen has a proven track record of success as a farmer. His ability to successfully produce and market his crops year after year speaks for itself.”

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